Skilled craftsmen who preserved and transmitted the authentic Sibiu Salami recipe from one generation to the next, respect for tradition and craftsmanship to obtain a product with a history of over 100 years are an inspiration to all of today's top producers.

Established on May 7, 2014, the Association of PGI Sibiu Salami Producers brings together the only ones accredited to produce the real Sibiu Salami: Agricola Bacau, Aldis Calaraşi, H & E Reinert Brasov, Salsi Sinaia and Scandia Romania.

The Mission of the Association is to defend the Protected Geographical Indication and support the sustainable development of production, as well as to support producers both nationally and internationally.


  • Agricola Bacău – Established more than 57 years ago, Agricola Bacău represents a group of close-knit businesses who work together to give Romanians the freshness of homemade products as they have known it since time immemorial.


  • Aldis Călărași – A constant presence on the Romanian market for 26 years, Aldis sells highest-quality products, always perfecting the taste of Romanian sausages and cured meat.


  • Reinert Feldioara – Just as it did in 1931, H&E Reinert, a family business, joins today traditional values and modern technology.


  • Salsi Sinaia – Dating back to 1920, the Salsi Sinaia factory is Romania’s first dry sausage factory, whose products are famous throughout the region. Today’s sausage makers faithfully follow the original craft and recipes. 



  • Scandia Romania – The specialist team of Scandia Foods Romania keep alive a tradition more than 90-years old, offering tasteful, nourishing food through innovative products that provide the balance needed in a dynamic lifestyle.


  • Recunostiinta Filipeștii de Pădure  It is one of the best-known companies operating on the Romanian sausage and cured meat market. Its business philosophy is built around family, quality, earnestness, and creativity, and its every business decision reflects the passion and enthusiasm of its people.





The product must be:

- originating in that region, specific place or country,>

- have a specific quality, reputation or other attributes attributable to geographical origin

- the raw materials used may also come from outside the defined geographical area;

- certain operations of the production process such as packaging, freezing, storage, etc. may take place outside the defined geographical area;

For consumers, geographical indications are useful for determining the origin and quality of products. Many have gained a true reputation which, in the absence of adequate protection, may be the subject of false statements from rogue commercial operators. Legitimate manufacturers are also harmed because they lose the benefit of lucrative business operations, and the reputation of their products is affected.

Sibiu Salami was awarded the prestigious certification in 2016, being invited to take a place of honor at the European table of quality and tradition.

Carmen Gavrilescu, president of the APSS, highlighted the importance of PGI certification, obtained in 2016, the Sibiu Salami becoming indispensable from any international mass of Romania. In this context, the latest product promotion project at European level is building on this reputation. Between 2018 and 2020, the PGI Sibiu salami will be promoted in Romania, Spain and Italy, as part of a project funded with a European grant of 1.5 million euros. Moreover, this year, in Romania, November 1 becomes the National Day of the Sibiu Salami.

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